Friday, 24 August 2018

Every single classic album contains one bad song

I'm trying this new click bait thing where they either show you a still from a video so you click it only to find that still isn't anywhere in the entire video or they give you a headline like 'You'll never guess what he found in his sock drawer' and they show you a picture of a man that looks like all his dreams have come true at the same time.  You click in and there's nothing even remotely linked to the headline and you find all your bank accounts have been emptied by robots.

So my claim that every single classic album contains at least one song which is 'bad' is a bit of hyperbole because not only have I not listened to every single classic album, I haven't even checked that all the classic albums I've heard all have at least one terrible song on them.  What I have done is a quick sum up in my head of all the classic albums I can think of and straight away named one song which is nowhere near the quality of the others on there.  Sometimes there's more than one but usually, you love most of it and then 'that' song comes on and you reach for the skip button and off you go into track eight instead. 

To prove my point, let's start with my favourite band Tears for Fears (who obviously have never written a bad song) and name the mediocre song on each of their albums...

1. The Hurting - The Prisoner
2. Songs from the Big Chair - I Believe
3. Seeds of Love - Standing on the Corner of the Third World
4. Elemental - Gas Giants
5. Raoul and the Kings of Spain - I choose you
6. Everybody loves a happy ending - Who you are

Don't believe me still? How about these :

Thriller - The girl is mine
Sgt. Pepper - Being for the benefit of Mr Kite
Hounds of Love - Mother stands for comfort
Purple Rain - Darling Nikki
Like a Prayer - Act of Contrition
Abbey Road - Octopus's Garden
Automatic for the People - Star me kitten
Jagged little pill - Not the Doctor
Violator - Clean
Off the Wall - Girlfriend
Achtung Baby - So Cruel

If you know a classic album where all the tracks are as good as each other and there's no unwanted step-child among the gold, let me know.  I don't think there are any.

(I realise music is subjective so there's bound to be someone somewhere who will look at the songs I've picked above and swear that they're all on their play list of the best songs ever written)

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